Friday, May 20, 2011

End-of-day Geek Candy: Grace One Electric Bicycle

If you have ever seen an electric bicycle, they are not the most desirable looking out there. Usually they are more functional, then aesthetic. Now something different has come out with the Grace One electric bicycle. This is a VERY cool looking mountain bike, which is able to reach speeds of 30mph, with a range of 31 miles.

What is the problem, you might be asking? It is priced at $6,000. Still, it is VERY tempting.

[via Engadget]

Air Force Camera that Tracks From a Far Distance

We all know that "big brother" is watching, over, us, but this is kind of creepy and cool at the same time. The tracking distance hasn't been released, but imagine being a long ways away and needing to find someone.
"Photon-X Inc develops a sensor that combines spacial measurements, infrared and visible light to create a "bio-signature" that maps not only static facial features, but muscle movements that are unique to each individual."

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Air Harnessed Booster Seat

Keeping children safe is very important to me. One of the customers that I have worked with is Dorel, who has great safety products. FlexTech Energy Management System will offer an additional layer of protection for kids, in case of an impact. You can never bee too safe and secure when it comes to your children. Check them out!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

End-of-day Geek Candy: Dual-booting Tablet

For today's "EOD Geek Candy", I am presenting a dual-boot tablet. Being an Apple fan, I am cringing writing this, but it is pretty cool. This 10" tablet from ViewSonic not only comes with Android OS, but you can boot up Windows 7 too. Comes in different versions of Windows 7 and storage space. Now, if there only was a dual-boot Apple tablet...I would be all set :)

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Mac & PC Users Think Different

Ok...the debate continues...Mac or PC. It seems that there has been a study done to reveal the differences I like Macs, but I have to disagree with the idea that I am a vegetarian that likes independent films. The other personal preferences are correct though, aside from the hummus. Where do you find into these classifications...Mac, PC, or neither?

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Sitting is Killing You!

Sitting all day behind the desk can be tough. I often am up and walking around, just to get a different perspective. I know some people will even sit on giant balls to ease the pain and stress. When you have a desk job, it can be tough to get out of this habit. Use your breaks, take a walking lunch, go out and enjoy the weather. Below is an infographic and how sitting is killing you.