Friday, April 29, 2011

End-of-day Geek Candy: Bike Repair App

For today's "End-of-day Geek Candy", I present something related to biking. I came across an app that would assist anyone on maintaining their bike. There have been numerous times where I have been out on the road, and had an issue that I needed to fix. Sooner or later you end up figuring it out. Why not grab your smartphone and find out how to fix the issue faster, and correctly. 58 problems are explained with 42 step-by-step guides, utilizing 170 photos.

[via BikeRepairApp]

Thursday, April 28, 2011

End-of-day Geek Candy: My Automower App

For today's "End-of-day Geek Candy", present you with an electric lawnmower. Ok, I'm sure you are thinking, what's the big deal, electric mowers have been out. Well..

iPhone Coffee Table

When you're sitting down thinking about nerdy of the thoughts is how to incorporate your smartphone into your living room, right? Kyle Buckner has designed a coffee table to look like a giant iPhone. Some of the amenities are touch-sensitive, 6-inch subwoofer, 6 transducer speakers, and LED-lit cupholders.

[via 9to5mac]

The Secret Bat Cave

I have my ideas of a great house. One of those ideas is to have secret rooms. Imagine living in San Francisco where parking is a premium. Either you don't have any or you have to pay a lot for it.

This house was able to get around this issue by turning the bottom of the house into a 4 car garage. To get around the city ordinances of maintaining a consistent look, the architects had to design the "garage door" with a house-front facade. With the push of a button, the front of the house transforms into a garage door, allowing you to store all of your vehicles.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blast From The Past...The iCade

It is at the end of the, once again let's have some fun. I remember the days of going to the "arcade"...I know foreign to some, but check out this product. Once a concept...the iCade allows you to snap in your iPad and play arcade games like they were meant to be a wooden box. Buttons, Joysticks, and a faux wooden doesn't get any better then that. The product is from one of my favorite sites: ThinkGeek and is on pre-order for $99.99. Pick one up Now!
I just checked their is backordered until 6/8/11

[via ThinkGeek]

Bike Helmet With Built-In Turn Signals

As an avid bike rider, I feel the pain of being on the road and people not "seeing" me. What's worse is when I see someone who is on the road and is not wearing a helmet. Something to aid in the visibility the Blink Bike Helmet is a way to incorporate turn signals into your riding. Though, this is only a concept, I can see a valid use for this. For safety purposes, I'm not sure the idea of take your hands off of the handlebars to touch the side of your head works. Why not use an accelerometer that knows when you turn your head. Below are some other renderings of the concept:

[via Gizmodo]

iDevice Oscilloscope

Being an electronic nerd, and having a background in electronics a long time ago, I know the importance of a good oscilloscope. The problem is that it can set you back...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lift'n Buddy Electric Handcart...WOW!

So, ever have a time where you needed to move some things...heavy things...and had to keep bending down to be able to reload a cart??

Time Lapse Video of the New World Trade Center

I ran across this time lapse video of the new World Trade Center...aka "Freedom Tower", and decided to post it, due to the...

Style Is what Matters!

When you are looking for a new bike...the decision is all about style. Well...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Construction Toy to Build Bikes & Go-Karts

I remember the days as a child playing with lincoln logs and erector sets. I was always trying to build the next coolest thing. A concept by Wouter Scheublin would allow you to...

Flip Video Meets The End of the Road

Everything is in HD these days. We all want to record the best memories in the highest quality. When consumer HD video cameras came out...

Social Networks...Where Are We Now??

Social Network sites have exploded over the last few years. It seemed to start out with just communicating with your friends, to see what they are up to. Now...

Jumbo Jet Spins a Commuter Jet

Have you ever been on the runway and witnessed a double decker airplane on the runway? They are HUGE. Imagine if you are in a commuter jet and you see one of those going can be a little scary. How about if...

Roomba Maker Working With US Navy

The ever popular Roomba, which started out as a vacuum robot, has quickly expanded its coverage to sweeping, mopping, pool cleaning, and now...

Bicycle Hydration System

Imagine going for a bike ride and needing a drink of water. What options do you currently have?? You have the standard water bottle, which can be mounted to your bike, or put in the back of your bike shirt. Also...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Thriller Transformers

It is late in the day, so I figured I would inject some humor into everyone's lives. I grew up in the era of the Transformers, and Michael Jackson...

Another Sir Richard Branson Endeavor...

Sir Richard Branson has another endeavor that he is working on. This time instead of space it is...

Puncture Resistant, Self-Sealing Bike Tubes

Have you ever been out mountain biking and blew a tube? It can be bad news if you are deep in the woods and you don't have a spare.

Martin Jetpack Flies Again...Like James Bond

Being a big James Bond fan...I remember watching Thunderball, and the scene of James Bond flying in a jetpack, and thinking..."Wow that is Sooo Cool"

Remember the Commodore 64??

As someone who has been using computers since he was about 8, I am reminiscing over the days of using my Timex Sinclair and Commodore 64 to do programming.

Monday, April 4, 2011

World Record Rube Goldberg Machine

As an engineer, I was always fascinated by the game Mouse Trap, because of its relation to the Rube Goldberg Machine. Students from Purdue University...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some 3D Humor...

On April 1st I figured that I would interject some 3D humor. As the world goes 3D crazy, it is tough to wrap your head around everything 3D, and sometimes better just to stay in a 2D world.

Click For a REAL 3D Effect