Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Do You Make Your Website Tablet-Friendly?

As we move into the future, more tablet usage is coming into fruition. Not just by professionals, but by the public masses. It is more important then ever to insure that your website will be visible on a tablet, and look as it should on a tablet. I ran across an article that explains 5 suggestions to tweak your website:
"Ditch the drop-down menus. Instead, consider a showcase page for different sections of the site, better enabling tablet users to find all available subpages. If you want to keep your drop-down menus, create visual cues (like arrows) that show users the menu can be opened and expanded. 
Design for touch interaction. Tablet users aren't clicking or scrolling with a mouse, so design buttons the size of a fingertip instead of a cursor. Links placed too closely together will also frustrate users; remember that touching and swiping are the gestures to design for these days. 
Choose colors, textures and typography wisely. Bright background colors and patterns reduce the appearance of glare or smudges on an iPad or Blackberry Playbook. Avoid solid blacks that look like untextured voids. Ensure your font isn't too large or too small for tablet navigation. When in doubt, test on a tablet or two. 
Design forms to fit. Many company sites require users to fill out a form. Look yours over and ensure all fields are clear and easily accessible to tablet users. Avoid including too many fields, as longer forms on tablets are frustrating. 
The Po!nt: Think flat and touchy. The reading-and-browsing world is moving further in the direction of tablets, making it crucial that your site experience be as seamless there as it is anywhere else. A few tweaks could be all you need to ensure compatibility."

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